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8 Ways to Serve Missionaries Coming Home

Ask missionaries about coming home, and they may describe the process as traumatic, painful or even “worse than going overseas.” Find out why and how you can help.
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'Not Just a Church That Likes Missions' Ad

This advertisement was published in the FEC Church Leaders' Conference book all attendees received.
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How Can a Water Bottling Plant Reach Orphans?

Brett and Kara Richstone are establishing a water-bottling factory that will fund care for AIDS-affected orphans in South Africa.
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Searching for Home

“We were bombarded by planes,” Sami says in the sweltering, June heat of his tent. “The children couldn’t sleep. The children couldn’t sleep because of the shelling. It became unfeasible for us to live there. … Even bread became hard to find.”
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'Check List' TEAM Wish List Ad

This back cover magazine ad encouraged readers to give to TEAM's Christmas gift catalog, "the Wish List." Each practical gift contributed helped meet deeply felt needs for people around the world.
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'Why You Need Member Care' Native Ad

Native ad explains what missionary member care is and how TEAM provides superior care to all of its missionaries.
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